Saturday, July 12, 2008

Winnie the Pooh cart creations

I wanted a decal off ebay for my car but didn't want to pay so much for just a sticker that my boyfriend will "accidentally" wax off again. Much to my excitement, my Pooh carts arrived today from Qurbis(ebay) so I made my own! What I like best about this is that it can be taken off the car and reused, unlike actual decals. I share my car with my boyfriend and whenever I'm out of state, he usually throws everything girly-like out of my car, so now.. it can be taken off and just as easily put back on whenever I like!

I played around with DS and finally figured out how to resize and layer correctly SO I made this..

Then it crossed my mind that this could be something like a door hanger, the type little kids have, wooden, hanging outside their bedrooms. I wanted a cursive type font but haven't received my Jasmine cart yet so I created it using DS, here's a screenshot..

Now I just gotta wait for Jasmine to come in! It's about 5 1/2" inches tall so it wouldn't be a bad idea as a book/scrapbook cover as well!

Birthday dinner today so I threw together this card.. No more spending money on cards and it's more personalized =)

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