Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Animal Kingdom swap

Originally swap focusing on the Peechy Keen stamps but then it was opened to Animal Kingdom cart in general, which was GREAT because it showed AMAZING materials used than just paper! Thanks for hosting this Kelly!!

Original thread- http://www.cricut.com/messageboard/tm.aspx?m=3071952&mpage=1&key=�

Monday, December 15, 2008

November addicted to card making swap

I love the coloring on the old guy.. hmm.. time for copics! Thanks GRKIDDO =)

Original thread- http://www.cricut.com/messageboard/tm.aspx?m=2335764

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Cute Critters Stamped Image Swap

YAY lots to color!! Thanks KellyScott for hosting this!!

Original thread- http://www.cricut.com/messageboard/tm.aspx?m=3255232&mpage=1&key=�

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Breast Cancer card swap and card donations

GREAT cause, wonderful cards everyone! Hosted by happykimber1, thanks!!

Original thread- http://www.cricut.com/messageboard/tm.aspx?m=3105229&mpage=1&key=�

Monday, November 10, 2008

new to ATCs swap

I love all these little creations :D It's like a pocket idea book! Thanks GRKIDDO for hostess this!!

Original thread- http://www.cricut.com/messageboard/tm.aspx?m=2904730

October addicted to card making swap

WOW! Love the cards! Especially Pooh! Thanks GRKIDDO =) Always a wonderful hostess

Original thread- http://www.cricut.com/messageboard/tm.aspx?m=2335764

Friday, November 7, 2008

Paper Doll swap

GREAT job everyone!! Thank you to our hostess TammyB for keeping us informed =)

Original thread- http://www.cricut.com/messageboard/tm.aspx?m=3021346

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Copying this from my original thread lol- http://www.cricut.com/messageboard/tm.aspx?m=3286622


THANK YOU to my boyfriend for making me look for his stupid pen or else I would not have driven down that way tonight!!!

So I saw the Ms sign and was like WHAT THE CRAP ~car proceeds to turn into parking lot~ I'm already freaking out that there is a Ms SO FRIGGIN CLOSE TO MY HOUSE!! So I walk around, of course scrapping department is the first stop. Looking around, walk over to cricut stuff and what do I see.. CALLIGRAPHY COLLECTION!! Of course I pick that up. And of course I heard about Cars and Tinkerbell being in stores soon, so I look if they have it out and only tags are out.. =( sigh ok. Walk around some more.. get nosy "Hmm I'll ask anyways, can't hurt =)" So 3.. THREE.. people, including the manager start running around trying to look for it. Now I appreciate just one person helping but 3.. WOW!! I apoligize for having 3 people run around just because I asked if they had Tinkerbell and Cars and no one can find it. Lady says.. No problem it's our job! =) "... uh.. wow.." LOL. SO after about half an hour.. THEY FOUND IT!!!

I NOW OWN CARS TINKERBELL AND CALLIGRAPHY COLLECTION!!! I will not complain anymore when I have to stay in the city =) LOL


I forgot to mention I'm going to be tortured everyday (depending on which road I take) going to school and work >.<

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Target Itso storage cubes

So I wanted the storage cubes that everyone raves about but I had no where (permanent) I'm allowed to put them. These are from Target, Itso storage cubes. They have shelf and door attachments (which you can see both in picture). Their accessories also include drawers and bins, both plastic and fabric, and more colors. These were easy to put together and light enough to move around whenever needed. I also love how the doors are dry erase, I can remind myself of upcoming swaps and such I made to the board and/or daily life =)

Friday, October 17, 2008



My sister got me the new Sleeping Beauty Platinum DVD that came out :D Watching it now too!! Uncle got me an ice cream cake and Popeyes for lunch at work lol. Dinner with family and the boyfriend. Pictures tomorrow.. sister has the camera lol.

Oh thanks to my NSSS RachelleRN for the card and little present :D

Saturday, October 11, 2008


When I first joined the Cricut forum, swaps sounded so fun!! But I stayed away from swaps for 3 months because I was, actually still consider myself to be, very new. I wanted to see what people made in swaps, maybe my simpleness wouldn't matter but going through every thread trying to look for pictures is very time consuming =( So an idea crossed my mind today.

I'm going to start posting the finished swaps I participate in :D. Then other people who felt intimidated, or was it only me?, can see everyone has to start somewhere =). There are 2 lists in the right hand sidebar, one is current swaps (just to remind myself) and completed swaps. Links to original thread and completed swap pictures will be attached to both =)

Enjoy! =)


I got my bug head I got my bug head =)

So to be entered, please leave a comment anywhere on here or the original post (link below) and I'll have my boyfriend pick someone on Friday, MY BIRTHDAY!! YAY hehe.


4 CD cases for those unmounted stamps
3 cases for eyelets and brads organization
10 Making Memories circular eyelet holders
a pack of Stickles HL Festive- Xmas Red, Crystal and Green
Making Memories eyelet setter and couple packs of eyelets (not pictured)
Paper Bliss blue 8 cards and envelopes
Journaling Genie journal and embossing template- Home Sweet Home
white 8-1/2x11 scrapbook
2 Stampabilities pigment ink pads- gold and silver, red green and blue

Friday, October 10, 2008

cartridge organization

Posted on a thread that asked how people organize their carts and here's how I do it =)

Just a basic tackle box from Walmart. Labeled by type in alphabetical order.

Since I have CDS I don't need the overlays much. Original books and overlays are stored in photo boxes. Booklets were printed and organized (again in alphabetical order) by type =)

I have labeled the carts and tab dividers in my binders. If anything is missing, I can tell right away by flipping through =) Very proud of my collection here hehe.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

love layout

Threw this together while my boyfriend was at work. If I find the sketch I got this from, I'll post it. =)

Friday, September 19, 2008

bookmark swap

My first swap! I felt like I didn't do my best on my bookmark, so I apologize to my group =( But it was a GREAT experience for me!

MarciaBorer- GREAT hostess =) Always kept us updated. Went beyond her duties and made extra bookmarks to cover for missing bookmarks. She even made stamped images for people!

Original thread- http://www.cricut.com/messageboard/tm.aspx?m=2715444&mpage=1

Sunday, August 10, 2008

vacation layouts

This was my first try at scrapbooking. =) Family vacation to Ruby Falls, Rock City and WDW summer 08. I am not done with this book yet.

There is a cut out with flowers, creator is OBXlove, member of Cricut messageboard. I used it to test out my E when I first got it, so thanks OBXlove =)

Last picture I made from a random idea. My mom LOVES purple so I thought I'd make her some kind of scrapper's "peg board". I am plannig on putting pictures of my brother sister and I.. couple family photos =)

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Winnie the Pooh cart creations

I wanted a decal off ebay for my car but didn't want to pay so much for just a sticker that my boyfriend will "accidentally" wax off again. Much to my excitement, my Pooh carts arrived today from Qurbis(ebay) so I made my own! What I like best about this is that it can be taken off the car and reused, unlike actual decals. I share my car with my boyfriend and whenever I'm out of state, he usually throws everything girly-like out of my car, so now.. it can be taken off and just as easily put back on whenever I like!

I played around with DS and finally figured out how to resize and layer correctly SO I made this..

Then it crossed my mind that this could be something like a door hanger, the type little kids have, wooden, hanging outside their bedrooms. I wanted a cursive type font but haven't received my Jasmine cart yet so I created it using DS, here's a screenshot..

Now I just gotta wait for Jasmine to come in! It's about 5 1/2" inches tall so it wouldn't be a bad idea as a book/scrapbook cover as well!

Birthday dinner today so I threw together this card.. No more spending money on cards and it's more personalized =)

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