Saturday, February 28, 2009


So I did make a card for today, but I am not proud of it =( Coloring was SO bad... =( After I took the picture, thinking I was going to post it, I spilled my coke on my table. LUCKILY it didn't damage anything but I take that as a sign.... bad card! I don't usually believe in that type of stuff, but I think since I'm not proud of it, I got clumsy =(

Another factor might be my mess. I should really clean that... tomorrow =) LOL I guess making one card a day may be too much pressure on me. Especially with my limited SU supplies. I'm sorry to keep coming with the same materials but I do like how a lot of the cards I've made past couple days have turned out!

I think I'm going to say.. 5 cards a week, weekends are my days off =) Boyfriend, friends and I were out most of the day today. Should've known, we all have full/part time jobs during the week! Durr.. =)

Thanks for "listening" to my ramble!


Leah said...

Hi! You entered into a drawing on my blog and I'd like to send you a few of my flowers from my Etsy shop.My shop is

Please email me with your addy so I can get them out to you!

Jamie Kaufmann said...

you post whenever you want. don't lose the fun. and limited supplies...that's ok. a few things can go a long ways! :)

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